Dog tales
Shadow was a rescue from a family surrender who were downsizing to an apartment where no dogs were allowed.  Although told that he spent his life outside, this was hard to believe as Shadow loved everyone and everything - was one of my easiest fosters and loved by ALL my family - human and animal - a total love bug!  Because of this, was not hard to place this gentle giant who is now sharing his life with a family in Burlington on a farm.

Desiree, my second foster, was rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio.  Luckily the mill did not kill Desi's inner "dog" and she quickly won over the family with her love for life, becoming my "heart dog"!  Nothing could bring my "Snow Nose" down and she made every day with her special.  Lucky for her new adoptive family, she won their hearts too and she is now living in Haliburton  with three other rescues.

Yoda, my fourth foster, was rescued from a shelter in Montreal where he was hours from being euthanized for supposedly biting a skateboarder.  Nothing could be further from the truth and Yoda was my constant companion and protector till he found his forever home with a wonderful family in St. Catharine's.