My Pack

Cujo was our 13 year-old Boston Terrier and much loved pet who we had to sadly say goodbye to this past March.  Known as "The Ambassador of Dog" as he loved everyone and everything.  Loyal, trustworthy, giving and a friend to everyone, he was the best thing that ever happened to our family!  Love you forever old man!

Wrinkles or "Wrinky" was our 7 year-old English Bull dog who despite having to overcome a harsh start in a puppy mill, greeted each day with a big goofy smile.  Unfortunately her pain finally got the best of her and we had to say goodbye to her as well.  "Larger than life" in many ways, she will remain forever in my heart as my source of strength. 



Bailey the Golden Retriever makes sure every day that I walk him that the rest of the pack knows that he will always be the Golden Boy After all, what other dog has his golden locks!

Watson is a 4 year-old Springer Spaniel whose laid-back nature and easy going disposition makes him a pleasure to walk in my second leashed pack.

Finn is an 8 year-old Golden Doodle whose happy-go-lucky nature very much belies his age and keeps me on my toes when he is not soaking me from shaking post-swim.  Oh Finn!



Bella, or Bella G, is a Golden lab mix who, with her sweet, gentle nature, has very easily become the darling of my afternoon pack.


Bella G