Dog Walking Fee Schedule

Mel’s Mutts in Motion’s fee schedule is based on each family’s dog(s) being walked for a minimum of 40-45 minutes/day.  

Group walks will not exceed more than a maximum of 5-6 dogs to ensure the safety of your pet without compromising on socialization.  Dogs will remain on leash at all times except in designated fenced, off-leash areas, dog friendly trails and if expressly approved by the owner. 



The weekly fee schedule is as follows:

Length of Walk   45 minutes on average



A discount will be applied for multiple dog families.

The choice of venue (whether a neighbourhood walk, forest trail or fenced-in dog park) is totally at the owner's discretion as safety is paramount with Mel's Mutts in Motion at all times.


1 walk/week

2 walks/week

3 walks/week

4 walks/week

5 walks/week