More of my pack

Brandie is a 5 year-old black lab/shepherd mix who leads the first leashed pack of the day with her independent, strong nature.


Marvin is a 7 year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who, being part of my Oshawa off-leash pack, must "suffer in silence" to sharing his time with 4 crazy boxers  who are not in any way part of his "grapevine"! (lol)




Hendrix is a 6 year-old Norwegian Elkhound/lab mix who is the most happy-go-lucky dog who brings so much energy and fun to my last off-leash pack of the day.


Dexter is a 5 year-old boxer whose job is to bring some sense of calm to my boxer pack - haha!  He is the "Moe" of the Three Stooges!


Spencer is a 3 year-old boxer whose innate goofiness fits perfectly into my Oshawa boxer pack!




Paco is a 4 year-old Boxer born with shortened tendons on his hind legs but you would never know it by the way he bounces around at the park. Also known as Paco-Man, he has definitely earned a special place in my heart.